Fundación Mahatma Gandhi
Visión Global, Desarrollo Local

About FMG
"Be the change you wish to
see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi
Who Are We?

Fundación Mahatma Gandhi (FMG) is an emerging community
organization of recent formation that seeks to better the quality of life of
people in Las Terrenas, through service and development in education,
health, technical and professional formation, the environment and the arts.

We are a service-oriented, not-for-profit, non-governmental and
non-partisan organization.
We believe in the balanced and holistic development of people and the
community, and in the innate potential of every community to generate the
necessary resources for a sustainable and consistent growth.
We welcome all peoples regardless of nationality, ethnicity, skin color,
age, sex, sexual orientation, language, disability, professional or
socio-economic status, religious or political orientation, physical
appearance, or educational level.
We seek to enrich the members of our community through activities aimed
at the personal, professional, intellectual, social, educational and cultural
We are dedicated to transformative leadership, pursuing the best in
people and organizations while struggling to remain authentic.  
We are a learning organization that hopes to grow.
We've chosen the name "Mahatma Gandhi" because of the principles
and actions that he spoused in regards to self-empowerment, leadership,
justice, equality and peace.  
Our organization seeks to create
environments for transformation.
The volunteer teaching flute or
drawing, soccer or business,
tutoring in English or math, helps
create a magic space.  In a
community with limited
opportunities for personal growth,
these magic spaces help plant the
seed of hope for a more
wholesome, fruitful, creative, just
and peaceful future. Change starts
in the magic space of the heart, the
birthplace of peace and justice.
José Bourget
Co-Executive Director
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