Six Questions--1

1.  Who are we and what do we do?
  • We are a service organization, we believe in peace and justice and
    in creating equitable environment for development.  See more here.
  • We establish, or help establish, mechanisms that allow for
    transformation.  Examples here.
  • Or by means of our own programs and services.  More here.

2.  What are our short-term and long-term goals?
  • Our short-term goals are to continue and strengthen our current
    offerings, particularly the library, the summer camps, the academic
    support services and the environmental program, among others.  
    More here.
  • Our long-term goals are to expand current offerings and to create
    new areas of services related to all aspects in the mission and
    goals of the organization.  More here.

3.  What progress have we made toward our goals?
We have maintained and expanded the programs that we started.
  • The library grew from 600 to 4,500 books.
  • We started and continued the summer camps.
  • We established significant collaboration with INFOTEP, with ACES
    North America and with local leaders, in areas specific to our goals.
  • We introduced medical operatives, including human research.
  • We started an environmental initiative.
  • We have started a small arts program teaching drawing and flute.
  • See a complete listing of accomplishments here.  For other things
    we wish we could do please go here.
Volunteers Karen (Barbados) and
Katrina (New York) helped children
prepare puppets for a puppet show at
the library.
To continue go here.
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