Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas, on the northeastern side of the Dominican Republic, is a
community of 20,000 people equally divided between males and females.  
One third of its population is composed of children under 15 and one third
of its entire population is totally illiterate. Previously a quaint fishermen’s
village, Las Terrenas has experienced explosive growth due to its
increasing tourism industry.

Las Terrenas is truly a paradise of natural wonders, surrounded by lush
mountains, waterfalls, rivers and, quite possibly, some of the best
beaches in the entire Caribbean. The area in and around Las Terrenas
provides visitors with 20+ miles of beaches.

In addition to Dominicans, there are many nationalities represented in Las
Terrenas:  French, Italians, Germans, Spanish, Swiss, Belgians, Dutch,
English, Yugoslavians, Canadians, Ecuadorians, Colombians and some
from Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

Alongside the illiterate persons there are those who speak 3-4 languages.
Next to old Dominican-style houses downtown you’ll find mansions and
fancy hotels. The town shows the best and the worst of any rapidly
evolving community in which economic growth has come to many while
poverty has stricken an even larger segment of the population.  Those
with poor educational and vocational skills are the most evident target
audiences for personal and educational development while problems with
waste management, water supply and pollution endanger the future while
creating opportunities for creative development and public policy.

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Along 20 miles of the most
exquisite Caribbean beaches and
the fanciest villas, the realities of
poverty, illiteracy and economic
inequality are present everywhere
in Las Terrenas.  For people to
reach their full potential one must
address the root causes of poverty.
 It's a daunting task anywhere and
for FMG it is a measure of its
opportunities and limitations.
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Las Terrenas
"Be the change you wish to
see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi.   
Las Terrenas,
Dominican Republic.
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