Disclaimer About Volunteering
and About FMG

Our organization started at the end of 2005 and in our pursuit for authenticity we
felt that we needed to pilot our programs and to test our assumptions before
seeking the official recognition of the Dominican government.  We are applying for
official recognition now after (not before) significant work has been done.

We do not have paid staff, an office or program directors.  100% of all donations
go into programs.  We wish to pay and be paid salaries, but we're not there yet.

The founders of the organization (Annette and José) finance most of its operation,
and other donors are gratefully acknowledged.  ALL of the work is carried out by
volunteers except under the Project Esperanza (literacy).

You will not be met by a "program director" that will deliver you a program outline
upon your arrival and will tell you "go and do this." You will not see a desk, office
or a mail room.  What usually happens is this: Annette and José will personally
share their experiences with you, including lunch; you'll also get oriented to the
community, to the local culture, to our current functions, to the library and you'll also
get to meet other volunteers, local and otherwise; we will assist you in sorting out
possible choices for service in the community if you haven't fully decided yet what
you want to do.  We want you to feel safe and empowered to make the best
decision under your circumstances, some can do it quickly, some need more time
and, regardless, we're here to help you sort it out.  We offer you a partnership for
service, we have an adequate medium and you have the desire to serve and to
have an experience like the one we have to offer.  Your needs and interest meet
our needs and interest, hence the partnership.

Your program fee is used to help support our regular expenses such as phone,
internet access, publications, rental of the library space and for some program
costs.  We welcome your inquiries and we believe in complete transparency.  If
you have any questions write us at

Donations via PayPal (see the "donate" button at left) go into a personal account
owned by José Bourget until such time when we obtain legal incorporation in the
U.S.  We are legally incorporated in the Dominican Republic and all monetary
donations end up into our Dominican bank account.   If you have plans to donate
but have doubts please don't donate.  If you donate you have the right to ask
questions about the use of your donation.  The best thing to do is for you to come
and volunteer and see for yourself.  All programs for which external funds have
been donated will include a report of what occurred.  

Thanks for your trust.
Children doing "family
group" presentations
during summer camps at
the library.  More than a
library is a community
activity center.
"Be the change
you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
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Dominican Republic
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