The Environment

Samaná Province in the Dominican Republic has the potential of becoming the most
complete tourist destination in the country because of its historical, social, religious,
cultural, culinary, musical and artistic legacy, but more than anything else because
of the vast richness of its natural resources.  

The preservation of the environment is top priority, not only because it is the right
thing to do, but also because Samaná possesses unique characteristics that make
it an ecological destination par excellence.  

The preservation of the environment in all of its areas is intimately linked to the
fostering of human dignity in all areas and to its future as a preeminent tourist

Unfortunately, the growth in Las Terrenas is unplanned and random.  As a result
the community faces today extreme social and environmental conditions.  This
initiative seeks to establish a) baseline knowledge, b) basic skills and c) needed
action plans to effect the changes that would help preserve Las Terrenas as an
environmental paradise.  A first step was taken with La Declaración de Las
Terrenas (more

Volunteers with experience in environmental education, environmental project
design and environmental community development are needed to help jump start a
comprehensive community project named Las Terrenas Reverde.  Go
here for
project design.  External funds are being sought to make it possible.  
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