Las Terrenas Reverde

Goal:  To implement a pilot program for conservation education and action,
seeking to create a knowledge base, skill-sets, and a strategic plan for
conservation and for sustainable changes in the environment, among community
leaders and in the general population, by means of a year-long initiative called
“Las Terrenas  Reverde” that could become a national model.

Objective 1:  to use radio, TV, the local weekly newspaper and the classrooms in a
community education program (awareness and knowledge-base) that reaches as
many people as possible, raising awareness about the environment, by means of
articles, media spots, flyers, posters and billboards that highlight local conditions,
drawing from promotional resources available from environmental organizations in
the country or elsewhere, or creating our own, for the duration of the project.  

Objective 2:  to design and implement a 3-level training program (basic, intermediate
and advance skill-sets) that will graduate at least 50 community leaders, from a
variety of backgrounds and sectors, in a certificate program that provides the
necessary knowledge, skills and action tools, in conservation and protection of
resources, with an emphasis on technical and scientific training, using trainers
specialized in the subject matter from national and/or international organizations,
within the first six months of the project.  

Objective 3:  to establish a 6-month strategic action plan to help conserve viable
ecosystems, protect biological diversity, prevent further deterioration of critical
areas and place Las Terrenas on a new course of recycling, reusing and reducing
waste, resulting from the training program and nurtured by collaborative and multi-
sectorial perspectives, including awards, starting in 2008 and ending in 2009.

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Las Terrenas
"Be the change you wish to
see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi
Top, Karen, a volunteer
from Barbados, delivers
the prize to a winner in a
competition about the
environment.  Below,
Nancy from Las
Terrenas, takes children
to see a nursery.
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Las Terrenas,
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