Volunteerism, What?

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The best way to introduce our volunteer program is as follows:  
Ours is a
partnership for peace and justice.
 Volunteers come because they want to be
do good work and to help better the quality of life of the people in this community
(which is the Foundation's mission).  

We see volunteers as committed, self-starters, "free-agents" who already agree
with what we attempt to do and want to support our efforts.  

We trust that volunteers will be mature enough to realize what's happening in their
surroundings and will take upon themselves the responsibility of maintaining
program standards and uphold the Foundation's values, particularly since we do
not have the staff or resources to provide constant supervision or traditional
program management.  

Where do you start?  After your individual or group orientation, you'll start at our
activity center, the library, which is more than a collection of books.  You'll meet
your audiences first hand, get exposed to local mores and conditions and get to
meet other folks who, like you, are committed to service.  At the library you learn on
your own and in community, you observe and reflect, you act and you decide.

From the library you start individual or group projects and, better still, you get to
start a meaningful and unique service experience.

Welcome to volunteer service in Las Terrenas!
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Dominican Republic
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"Be the change
you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi