Volunteerism, How?

Volunteer photos here.

We see ourselves as creating opportunities for personal growth.  When a
volunteer opens a book for a child, helps him or her read or complete a course
assignment, assists in doing art work or a craft, a magical moment is created
whose impact may linger endlessly.  

The child or youth will most likely remember the quality of the interaction, the
exposure to an unknown world or context (your own), and will also dream about
what's possible that is nor readily available in the family and/or community

While volunteers might want to get a good sense of accomplishment from their
service time some of the local needs may escape the scope of short-term trips;
however, the contributions that volunteers make are invaluable and may help start
something, continue something started by someone else or help provide a
possibility of change for the better in unexpected ways.

In any instance we are grateful for the time, resources and good intentions as we
work for justice and peace in Las Terrenas.  If you have financial difficulties and
can't pay the volunteer fee request an exemption when you apply.
Chiquita from North
Carolina (USA), gives
individual attention to
library attendees.
FMG's mission is to better the
quality of life of the people in
the community, a focus that
couldn't be accomplished
without the volunteers'
culturally respectful, relevant
and service-oriented work.  
"Be the change
you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
Incorporated in the
Dominican Republic
RNC 430-125-997