Volunteerism, Where?

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Las Terrenas is a beautiful place with miles of undending beaches, mountains,
great restaurants (French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dominican and many others),
natural wonders like waterfalls, springs, caves, trails, humpback whales, national
parks and many opportunities to help the community to be even better.

Formerly a quaint fishing village it has now become the fourth largest tourist
destination in the country, with lots of tourist development going on, including many
new buildings and shopping plazas. It's being called the "Montecarlo of the

Las Terrenas is a diverse and cosmopolitan community with over 1,500 French,
hundreds of Italians, Germans, Swiss, Spanish and people from at least 25+
nationalities in addition to hundreds of Dominican families. If you are
socially-concerned there are opportunities to get involved in literacy, environmental,
health and educational projects as well.

The Foundation operates a library and has an ambition of transforming it into a truly
media and educational center for a variety of practices that include arts, music,
information technology and the environment. You would help make it a reality.

Because of its explosive, unplanned growth, the community exhibits extreme
conditions in education, health, the environment and economic inequality.  Las
Terrenas is a beautiful community with lots of good people and daunting
challenges; it is also full of opportunities for creative and genuine involvement.
Las Terrenas continues
to be a beautiful place, a
place for everlasting
dreams and gruesome
place nonetheless.
If you read Spanish,
please go
"Be the change in
the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
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