©2012 Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi.   Las Terrenas, Samaná Province, Dominican Republic.
Legalmente incorporada bajo las leyes de la República Dominicana (2012).  RNC 430-125-997., 829.330.0986.

The Foundation channels its energy and resources to fulfill
effectively its mission through the use of best practices, framed
around six organizational goals :

Increase Opportunities for Personal Development
Maximize Vocational Development
Enhance Educational Development
Promote Civic Development
Motivate Organizational Development
Foster Multicultural Development

The successful fulfillment of these organizational goals are
obtained through the use of key strategies, namely:

  • Promoting strategic collaboration with other organizations
    that share similar values and objectives, either local,
    regional, national or international.  Examples: ACES North
    America, Mestizaje.

  • Establishing mechanisms for education, training and
    research on fundamental concepts and successful practices
    in personal and community development.  Examples:  the
    cardiovascular research project, the women's center project,
    the environmental project, and others.

  • Sponsoring programs, projects and events that help
    consolidate the mission and vision of the Foundation.  
    Examples:  the library, summer camps, literacy, girls project,
    and others.
the cardiovascular research project
during FMG/ACES first medical

The challenge for any organization
such as ours is whether to go at it
alone or to establish strong
connections with people and
community organizations.  

The model that we strive to establish is
volunteer, donor and partner
organization brings us closer to a
fuller realization of the model.  It's not
easy.  Las Terrenas lacks any history
or pattern of successful collaborative
endeavors for community development.

Day after day we find out how hard it is
to fulfill our aspirations, but the
challenge is a welcomed one.
you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi