©2012 Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi.   Las Terrenas, Samaná Province, Dominican Republic.
Legalmente incorporada bajo las leyes de la República Dominicana (2012).  RNC 430-125-997., 829.330.0986.

We started in 2003 providing uniforms and school supplies to
kids in the alley next to our home through the good services of
the local mother's club.  Relatives in the D.R. and in the U.S.
helped with needed funds.  Asking ourselves "what more could
be done" we moved from a family initiative to a community
project, deciding that opening a library would be the best way to
set the tone and to start a process of community discovery.  We
were not disappointed.

The library started with 600 books from our personal collection
and from donations by relatives and the public library in
Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.  We had an opening February 2006
and in June of the same year we conducted the first summer
camps for children and youth, a first in Las Terrenas.  We had
250 kids every day and 25 workshops, plus a Reading Olympics
in a 6-week period.  We did it thanks to the work of 6 volunteers
from the U.S. and 14 volunteers from Las Terrenas.  Music and
art classes followed, then professional workshops with INFOTEP
and medical operatives with
ACES North America.  
Environmental and other community developments followed.

We moved locations in December of 2009 and since our start
with 600 books we now have 8,000 in five languages.  We have
a very successful literacy project, an academic skills center and
a variety of other activities, including the beginning of
Terrenas International School.

We started with 6 volunteers from overseas in 2006 and now
through 2012 we've had 230 volunteers from 33 countries and
six continents.

We are proud of these humble beginnings and thankful for the
many contributions of dozens of people.
José at the beach, with volunteer Randy and kids, ready to enjoy
a day of games, swimming and fun during summer camps.