Fundación Mahatma Gandhi
Visión Global, Desarrollo Local
"Be the change
you wish to see
in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi
48  spectacular kilometers from Santa Bárbara to Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas 48
Bay-Coast International Marathon
On foot, running/jogging or on bicycle, Individually or as a team.
If you can imagine it and if you like it then be a part of it.
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To make of Las Terrenas 48 a national and
international model, well-known for the quality and
efficiency of its organization and processes.

To make of Las Terrenas 48 a wholesome,
sustainable and efficient activity, one that
represents well the best of the Samana Province
in its human, cultural, recreational, tourist, and
business factors and, more than anything else, in
what pertains to its natural resources.  

  • To foster the dignity of individuals, regardless
    of age, natinality, sex, sexual orientation,
    political or religious convictions, socio-
    economic status, ethnicity or skin color.  
  • To preserve the natural resources.
  • To promote all relevant aspects of Samané
  • Totally transparent management.  
  • To leave everything relevant to the activity in
    much better shape than how it was found.  

  • To contribute in the promotion of Samana
    province as al alternate tourist destination,
    foremost in adventure, recreation and in the
    protection of the natural resources.  
  • To create opportunities for holistic
    development among the citizens in the
    province, through healthy recreational and
    sport practices.  
  • To offer opportunities for holistic development
    among individuals and groups, national or
  • To promote the province and the country as a
    different and diverse tourist destination.

  • Participants may register as individuals or as
    part of a team.
  • Members of a team split the distance in
    segments for each.  They may end the last
    segment of the run as a team or represented
    by the last individual running.
  • There will be winners per categories, but the
    main objective is to be able to finish the
48  spectacular kilometers from Santa Barbara to Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas 48
Bay-Coast International Marathon
All of our realities start in the imagination.  Imagine.
If you want to be a part of this project, as a
volunteer, sponsor, promoter, contributor, helping
organize the event or as a part of the support
team, please start by imagining the best possible.  
Then continue reading below and if you have any
questions write to
(these are the beginning stages of the process, it
will evolve in time)
Imagine It!  Support It!
How to participate?:
Choose among the following and write it in
the space below:

  • Sponsors and donors
  • Publicity and marketing team
  • Security team
  • Organization team
  • Technical assistance team
  • Government support team
  • Participant recruitment team
  • Local logistics team
  • Participant support team
  • Medical team
  • Community orientation team
  • Signing team

If there's something else that you want to
be a part of and it does not appear above,
please write it in the space provided below..
Comments or questions:
Thank you.  Remember to imagine the best possible.
For Marathon Participants
Run, Jogging, Walking
You may participate as a
team.  A team may
represent a business,
organization, school,
association or
On bicycle
You may participate as an
individual or as part of a
team.  A team may
represent a business,
organization, school,
association or
Your company
logo here.
Your business, company, agency, private or government office, school, etc., may contribute to
the sponsorship of the event either sending a team or as an official sponsor.  More details will
be offered later on.
Organizing an international marathon for the first time
is possible but complicated.  There's no definite dates
yet, but it may occur between summer and fall 2009. .

The marathon will start at the malecon in Santa
Bárbara, and ending in Las Terrenas, either Punta
Popy or Las Ballenas beach.

Participation in the activity is open to anyone, trusting
that anyone who wants to be a part of it will be
committed to conscientious and sensible involvement,
fostering sustainable development and the dignity of
people, while working hard to make it possible.

To participate complete the form at left.