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A Message For You

Service is the greatest blessing to a community.  

Since 2004 we've seen many people committed to service,
volunteers like Jalpa, Cristina, Miriam, Kime, Luis, Chiquita,
Anjana, Ingvild and a dozen others who paid their way to come
here, spent time with children, taught candlemaking, puppets,
sewing, macramé, beading, and many other craft projects.  Often
enough, they also sat with young adolescents talking about their
dreams, their family stories and their hopes.

Similarly, others like Isabelle, Elena, Olga, Violon, Alma, Wilma,
Eleanora, Anne, Monica and a dozen others, have come from
other parts of the world to live in Las Terrenas and have chosen
FMG and its library or programs as a way of giving something
back, out of love and service.

People from Las Terrenas, or elsewhere in the D.R., like Lidia,
Ana, Bartolina, Samuel and Nancy have become partners in
service, allowing FMG to come closer to its dream of creating a
new generation of hope, a group of people, children, youth and
adults, who will see themselves as literate, better educated,
globally-minded and more empowered to better themselves, their
families, and their community.

We need partners in community development.  We seek people
and organizations that are willing and able to share our dream of
a better present and future for people in Las Terrenas, allowing
us to move beyond family funds and small donations to keep our
programs and services in operation.  If you are in town and if you
want to be partners with us in community development please call
us or write to us..  

We invite you to join us, to use your talents,
wealth and
resources to help this community, where so many simply want to
live decent, healthy and more prosperous lives for themselves
and for their children.  Our
mission is to better the quality of life
of people in the community and we would be more than grateful
for your support.

We are predominantly a volunteer organization dedicated to
social justice.
you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi