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Our Mission

To better the quality of life of the people with whom we work,
using suitable resources, in an authentic environment of
continuous learning.

Quality of life
Indicators for "quality of life" are:  education, housing, health,
family life, gainful employment, human rights, security, recreation,
the environment, civic and political involvement and spirituality.  

Of the people with whom we work
We won't be able to have an impact on everyone, nor attract or
benefit each person in the community.  However, each person that
comes to know about us and who participates in our activities
becomes an integral part of our mission.

Using suitable resources
There's neither a magic formula that can be employed in every
situation, nor a recipe that fits against all evils.  For that reason we
will look for the best available resources that fit specific needs, to
the best of our ability and within the range of our possibilities.

In an authentic environment
We carry out our mission without false pretenses or empty
promises, trusting the good faith, honesty and integrity of our
board members, partners, sponsors, participants and beneficiaries.

Of continuous learning
We seek to regenerate ourselves continuously, seeking out the
best methods, processes and alternatives, adapting our functions
to changing conditions and contexts.
A child gets dental care during one
of FMG's medical operatives in
association with Aces North America

Service requires choices--decisions
about people, resources and
opportunities, all supported by the
idea that if people enjoy a higher
quality of iife they will become better
human beings and better citizens
Mahatma Gandhi
Jenny, a high school volunteer, providing
reading tutoring for one of our students in
Proyecto Esperanza (literacy).