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The Anacaona Library is the Foundation's first successful
program since its start in 2006.  It now holds almost 8,000
volumes in five languages (Spanish, English, French, German
and Italian).  This is a free service to the community regardless
of age.  
Proyecto Mariposas (Butterflies Projects) brings together girls
12-18 to address issues of cultural and personal identity,
self-esteem, social skills, sex education, personal hygiene,
(Chrisalys Project) does the same for girls 8-12.  Started in
Proyecto Conecta (Project Connect) offers safe internet
navigation classes as well as teaching how to type in a
computer to all users of the library as well as members of
projects Esperanza and Mariposas.  A lab with six computers
was donated by KOICA, the Korean International Cooperation
Agency, which also provides the tutor for the project.  Active
since September 2012.
Proyecto Esperanza (project hope) teaches how to read to kids
in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, enrolled at the largest public school
(K-8) in town, in that way reducing school drop out rates and
have participated since September 2011 when it started.  See
how you can help go to
Programs and Projects
Proyecto Reverde (Greening Projects) is the first environmental
education program in the province, with the objective of creating
higher awareness among students at the largest public school
in town (2,000 student strong, school Antonio Castillo Lora, K-8)
and in three barrios in town.  It is financed by the World Fund for
the Environment.  (The project was first outline in 2007 through
"The Declaration of Las Terrenas").  
Proyecto Salto (Project Jump) provides opportunities for
academic development, offering tutoring in the use of research
and becoming responsible about school work.  The project
provides students not only with the ability to complete
homework, but also the skills to stay in, and succeed in, school.  
(Active since 2006).  
Coral Infantil Voces del Mar (Choir Voices of the Sea) is the first
from all of the Foundation's projects and from Las Terrenas
International School, helping them acquire musical appreciation,
adopt musical and social values, while enjoying performances
and social activities.  (Active since 2012).  
Club de Lectores (Readers Club) in Anacaona Library allows
anyone in the community to become a member of the library and
borrow books.  Biblioteca Anacaona is the only lending library in
the northeast.  The photo at left is from 2006 when the library
started with 600 books and now it has 8,000 holdings.  It started
as a free service and it still is a free service to the community.
(Active since February 2006).
The Women's Center for Holistic Health seeks to facilitate the
training, tutoring and health clinics.  It would also function as a
safe house.  Pilot medical and dental operatives have taken
place since 2007, but it hasn't come to fruition due to lack of
funds.  (Designed since 2007).
Las Terrenas 10K is an athletic event that started within FMG
thanks to the support of prominent community volunteers,
particularly Nicolas Cahen and Alma Arellano.  Its first edition
took place in 2010.
Even after two attempts the Cluster Eco-Turístico de Las
hasn't become a realization yet, but the needs still
remain.  The idea is to use the model of clusters to foster a
brandname for Las Terrenas as a tourist destination and to help
navigate to the many social, economic, security and educational
challenges.  The first attempt took place in 2008.  
Deportes por la Paz y la Equidad (Sports for Peace and Equity)
is a draft of a project that seeks to offer sport and atlethic offering
opportunities for sports learning and practice in volleybal,
baseball, table tennis and others for girls and women. (Drafted
in 2010)
We have a large collection of books and materials related to the
protection of the rights of children.  We also have the capacity to
Adolescencia (
Center for the Protection of the Rights of
Children and Adolescents
).  In fact, the library itself is a safe
center and all of the Foundation's activities play the same role.  
(Active since 2010).  
Vuelta Ciclística de Las Terrenas (Las Terrenas Bicycle Tour)
would help establish Las Terrenas as a sports destination,
taking advantage of its wonderful landscapes and geography.  
Along with LT 10K it is meant to help establish our community as
a sports tourism haven, oriented to men and women.  (Drafted
since 2008).  
Primera Competencia Internacional de Chichiguas (First
International Kite Competition) is an opportunity to express
creativity, skills and art, for children, youth and adults, to be held
in one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  There will be
prizes within an environmental framework.  (In the works since
Talleres/Campamentos de Verano (Summer Camps) are sports
development.  The first camps started in 2006 with 250 four
weeks in smaller settings.  The camps are made possible by the
work and support of local and foreign volunteers.
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in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
Volunteers from University of North Carolina, Wilmington, came
to help with construction and to teach kids on a service trip.