©2012 Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi.   Las Terrenas, Samaná Province, Dominican Republic.
Legalmente incorporada bajo las leyes de la República Dominicana (2012).  RNC 430-125-997., 829.330.0986.

We are dedicated to service in the community, to its welfare and to the
wellbeing of its citizens.  We welcome those who want to work with us as
a volunteer, a partner, a donor, or a counterpart.

Since its origins in 2005 the operations team of the Foundation was
composed of its founders and over 230 volunteers from 33 countries that
came from one week to two years, working in a variety of programs and
functions.  This team was unique not only because of its nature, diversity
and composition, but also for being the only organization in the province
with such a vast volunteer group and for the rich diversity of programs and
services carried out.  

Since our legal incorporation in the Fall of 2012, the Foundation has a
Board of Directores composed of:  

José Bourget, president.
Annette Snyder, vice-president & treasurer.
Scott Mashek, at large.
César Calderón, at large.
Linell Stabler, at large.
Rose Tejeda-Navarre, at large.
Tracy Gust, at large.
José Abraham Abud, at large.

Milenia de la Rosa is the coordinator of Proyecto Esperanza (literacy),
Proyecto Mariposas (for girls) and Proyecto Salto (academic skills).  To a
great extent these projects have been made possible thanks to donations
from Sam Geraci,
Fondation Paré and Rose Tejeda-Navarre.

Carmen Vilorio is our housekeeper and program support thanks to a
grant from
Windows for Widows.

Las Terrenas International School is a new project that started in 2010 as
Mariposa Azul American School (see Website ) .  In
addition to
Annette Snyder as director, the school's teachers for 2013-14
are Tanya Peña, Tamara Mitchell,
Kerry McVay, Camila Collier, Patricia
Thomas, Sabine and Željko
Smičiklas.  These teachers also do volunteer
work at the library and in the community.
 LTIS is a non-for-profit program
of FMG.

You can join our team as a volunteer, a donor or as a business partner in
any of our programs and services.
Miriam, a volunteer
psychologist, doing
diagnostics for placement of
a child in our literacy project.