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The library opened its doors the 25th of
february, 2006, with 500 books.  Currently, at
8,000 holdings in five languages (Spanish,
English, French, German and Italian), in
addition to a computer lab donated by
KOICA, the Korean International Cooperation
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

As an organization centered around key values, our
vision is supported by a number of social, cultural and
organizational principles.  The most essential ones
appear as follows:
  • Participatory:  we act with the people, not for the
    people, so that the beneficiaries are active agents and
    not just recipients of our actions, transforming their own
    environments and bettering their own destiny
  • Egalitarian:  we believe in equality among all human
    beings, valuing the dignity that results from a shared
    humanity, regardless of socio-economic classes,
    ethnicities, skin colors, gender, educational levels,
    nationalities, language, physical handicaps, ages or
    sexual, political or religious orientations.
  • Sustainable:  we prefer sustainable interventions while
    recognizing the difference between short and long-term
    needs and that each deserves specialized attention.
  • Reflexive:  there's a need to pause, to try to see
    beyond what's obvious or sensorial, to discover the
    roots of causes and events, thereby becoming better
    able to transform our contexts and ourselves.
  • Creative:  we believe in multiple intelligences, in the
    adequate balance of cognitive, affective and socio-
    motor skills; recognizing that men and women, minors
    and adolescents, literate and illiterate people, artists
    and technicians, possess key components of the
    needed knowledge; and that, in order to achieve our
    goals, it is necessary to look out for many ideas, to
    attempt many times and to experiment with a variety of
  • Authentic:  people go first and working with people
    requires honesty, integrity and sincerity.
  • Continuous learning:  we promise to regenerate
    ourselves daily, growing each day in our knowledge of
    the reality that surrounds us and responding with
    intelligence to constant and permanent changes.
Marta, a psychologist with ACES North America,
doing a talk on family issues during the health
operative for women at the public hospital.