Volunteer Karen (from Barbados) with one of
the winners, reading her entry for the
non-littering campaign
Top, participants in the Butterflies workshop
led by volunteer Katrina (New York), learning
about violence against women and
commemorating the lives of the Mirabal
sisters (november 25).
Whether in small or larger groups, providing
medical or educational programs, FMG
strives to provide quality programs that fit the
needs of the community and make a
contribution to people's quality of life.  We
aspire to excellence in service to the

and projects, to the creation of a generation of
conscientious citizens, well-educated,
civic-minded, multicultal, multilingual, oriented
towards the local and the global, and committed
to the wholesome human and community
development in Las Terrenas.  

In order to get there we will strive to offer to
individuals, groups and organizations the knowledge,
skills and resources proven as successful promoters
of personal, vocacional, educational, civic, leadership,
and global & multicultural development.

We will use operational centers, programs and
projects, as well as a variety of workshops, seminars,
courses, group or individual consultations, radio and
TV programs, printed publications, the internet and
any other means within our reach.
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you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
Rosmely during an arts workshop at the
library, one of many children that benefit
from enrichment activities at the library.