General Requirements

Please read carefully prior to
completing the application at right.

We thank your willingness to serve
in our community and we seek to
provide the best service
environment to everyone.

We expect that each one of our
applicants will:
  • display the best attitude
    possible, go here.
  • will dedicate at least 30 hours a
    week to community service, half
    of that time at the library and the
    other half in special projects of
    their own choosing.
  • will take an active role in the co-
    management of the
    organization, attending
    meetings and helping resolve
    challenges that may come up.
  • will acknowledge their social
    role, refraining from becoming
    part of the oppression.

The application process is
completed once:
  • the application is received (at
  • payments are received;
  • your biography, photo and CV
    are received;
  • we receive your confimation.

Before completing your application
PLEASE read the disclaimer

We commend you for your interest
to serve humanity, to serve here in
Las Terrenas and to serve through
our Foundation..
STEP 1.  Personal and Program Information
Please answer all questions below.  
Your full name:
Your full address:
Sex (male or female):
19 or less
Your e-mail:
Your telephone:
Service dates requested:
Preferred program:
If you hereby request a room in Casa
Paz, indicate your agreement with the
here by writing "yes" at right.
Do you have a medical condition that
requires special treatment and care?
Emergency contact,
name and address
Emergency email
Emergency contact,
telephone number:
Necessary Documentation
Please send a photo, your resume and/or a brief
biographical description of 100-200 words, directly to
Please write a paragraph and describe a) why you want to
serve this community; and, b) what do you think could be
your contribution.
Please provide a name, address, phone number and email
address of a reference.
We will send you a confirmation of your application once it's
received.  Do not send any money until you've received our

STEP 2.  Financial Agreement
Agreement:  please write "yes" at right
to indicate that you agree with the
financial terms described above.  
STEP 3.  Community Service Agreement
I have read and understood the conditions listed
above and I'm willing to comply with said terms.  
In addition to my full name in the space below, I'm also
adding either my driver's license, maiden name, or any other
secret code that could help us verify your application below
(this is a security procedure).
Volunteer Application
When you submit your application you're indicating your desire to partner up with us.  The goal of this partnership
is to foster personal growth among all participants:  us, you and the community.  As a partner you help create
"magical" spaces through which growth can occur mostly as a result of your own efforts and commitment.  We
thank you in advance for expressing an interest in being part of this process and we take this opportunity to invite
you to imagine the best possible for us, for you and for the community.  
In Spanish go here.  Photos here.

There are three aspects to volunteer

a) personal expenses,
b) lodging expenses, and
c) participation fee.

a) Personal Expenses

Volunteers are responsible for
expenses such as airfare, local
transportation, meals, health and
insurance, excursions and related

b) Lodging

All lodging expenses are the
responsibility of the volunteers.  If
you choose to stay elsewhere it is
your responsibility to pay them
directly (we don't have any business
relationship with other providers,
though we might help locating
one).  If you choose Casa Paz you
agree to pay the fees.  Couples
staying in Casa Paz must pay
individual housing fees; however,
we are not always able to
accommodate couples and/or
families in Casa Paz.  

c) Participation Fees

Please read disclaimer here.
The participation fee is as follows:
  • for 14 days or less, US$150.00.
  • for 15 days or more, US$250.00.
  • Starting January 1, 2013,
    returning volunteers staying in
    Casa Paz for any length of time
    pay only a flat fee of US$50 as
    participation fee.
  • starting January 1, 2013, married
    couples and/or families pay only
    a single participation fee even if
    both or more members of the
    family participate as volunteers.  
    This is done to encourage
    couples and families to
Pre-Departure Orientation

The best way to guarantee a
productive and meaningful service
is to prepare well in advance.

Please read carefully the document

Please use the checklist

To find out more about Las
Terrenas please go
Casa Paz

We are pleased to be able to offer
a residence to female volunteers,
for those who want to use it as
their lodging facility.  Costs:
$10/day if staying up to 14 days.
$9/day if staying up to 30 days.
$8/day if staying up to 60 days.
$7/day if staying 61 days or more.

Casa Paz offers bunk-beds in
shared rooms, sheets, towels,
electricity, running water and a
fully-equipped kitchen.  There's no
TV, internet, telephone or hot

Casa Paz is generally for the
exclusive use of women
volunteers.  To preserve the safety
and security of guests we do not
allow access to non-Foundation
persons within its confines.

When you request a room in Casa
Paz you agree to:
  • participate in the co-
    management of the facility, in
    regards to cleaning, hygiene,
    and the general upkeep of all
    items in the house;
  • maintain the house free from
    the use of illegal drugs,
    tobacco (inside the house) and
    the excessive use of alcohol;
  • deny access to men (including
    friends or boyfriends) and to
    persons not associated with
    the Foundation, in order to
    preserve the safety and security
    of all women there;
  • leave the facilities at our
    request in the event of any
    violations to these rules.

More details and photos here.
Conflict Resolution

We are a small organization that is
trying to do good in the community.  
We depend on everyone's support to
do our work.  In the event of any
conflicts or misunderstandings we
suggest the following:

  • prevention is best, please read
    carefully about terms of service,
    expectations and local conditions,
    as we assume that you read and
    became familiarized with these;

  • offer open, sincere and non-
    violent communication;

  • let's seek a friendly and
    consensual resolution, as best
    as possible;

  • we seek to serve our community,
    volunteers are partners with us in
    that endeavor and we hope that
    under all circumstances all
    parties involved will remember
    the reason of our existence and
    the reasons for volunteers to be
Thank You
Volunteers from 6 countries work during
summer camp 2008.
Esperanza Internacional donated beach
volleyball equipment in collaboration
with Fundación Mahatma Gandhi.
The terrace in Casa Paz, the residence
for female volunteers.
Dr. José Rivero, a dominican physician
working in Boston, participated in the
cardiovascular project in 2007.
Top left: Miriam, a volunteer from
Switzerland, taught ballet classes to girls.
Bottom left:  Paul, a police officer from
San Jose, CA (USA), was here with his
spouse and child..
Financial Agreement
If you haven't yet done so, please read our disclaimer here.

Fees:  all payments in U.S. dollars.
1.  Participation fee, 14 days or less: US$150.00.
2.  Participation fee, 15 days or more:  US$250.00.
3.  Housing deposit:  US$100 for Casa Paz (refundable).
4.  Casa Paz, double rooms with shared bath:
$10/day if staying up to 14 days.
$9/day if staying up to 30 days.
$8/day if staying up to 60 days.
$7/day if staying 61 days or more.
Payments must be received
PRIOR TO your arrival.  Thank You!

Cancellation policy:
 if you cancel 30 days or more from your
arrival date you'll be refunded 100% of your housing deposit and of
your program fee minus PayPal and/or bank fees (when
applicable).  If you cancel within 30 days of the arrival date you
lose all of your housing deposit and $50 of your participation fee.

To pay  please use the PayPal donation button on this page.  If you
don't have a credit card or are unable to use PayPal then write a
check payable to Annette Snyder, and send to:
Annette Snyder
1035 NE Hawthorne
Hillsboro, OR 97124

You may also make a deposit directly into our bank account int he
Dominican Republic.  Please make sure you're properly identified:
Fundación Mahatma Gandhi
Banco Popular
Cuenta 777-603-556

Service Agreement
1.  All arrangements with volunteers are made in good faith and
we reserve the right to cancel any programs due to circumstances
beyond our control.
2.  Because we work mostly with minors, we reserve the right to
investigate any applicants to avoid the presence of pedophiles.  
The sexual abuse of minors is prohibited in the country and we
will prosecute anyone found offending.
3.  We will offer pre-departure orientation (on our Website), upon
arrival (individual and group), and through our regular meetings
with volunteers.  
4.  We are constantly available and willing to discuss issues and
concerns with volunteers, whether they are critical issues or not.
5.  Are we perfect?  You betcha we're not, but we hope to count on
your ability to help us in our ongoing learning and change.

The Volunteers:
1.  Will comply with the required service hours at the library and in
their special projects.
2.  Will do their best to maintain healthy and positive attitudes,
needed for effective community service and organizational growth,
as described elsewhere.  See our values
3.  Will send us a confirmation form once they have settled their
service dates, as found
4.  Will help us maintain environments free of the use of tobacco,
illegal drugs and the irresponsible or excessive use of alcohol.
5.  Will refrain from becoming part of the system of abuse and
exploitation that's often pervasive in our tourist community,
knowing that the organization will suspend our service partnership
if volunteers violate our expectations.
6.  If requesting room in Casa Paz you will abide by its rules.
"Be the change
you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
©2012 Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi.   Las Terrenas, Samaná Province, Dominican Republic.
Legalmente incorporada bajo las leyes de la República Dominicana (2012).  RNC 430-125-997., 829.330.0986.
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