"Be the change
you wish to see
in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
Volunteer Central, Crosscultural Orientation
Cross-Cultural Transitions

See also Pre-Departure Orientation

It is quite possible that this will not be your first transition abroad, or your first experience in Latin America or
the Caribbean, or your first-hand contact with a community in which poverty plays a significant role on how
people live.  You have accepted to come and to make a meaningful contribution to the quality of life of
people here, particularly children and youth.  

Now think a bit in terms of your own personal and psychological needs.  Even if you've had previous
experiences abroad, do take time to browse through some of the following resources and use them as part
of your orientation to your transition to the beautiful town of Las Terrenas.  If you have any questions write us

Culture shock, skills that matter at

Brief notions of culture shock at

Expatriates and travel abroad sites, including country specific:

Transition stages at

News and information on Samana at

General information, chat rooms and more at

Map of Las Terrenas and other info at

General country information at

U.S. Consular Services information at

Preparing for the return, now, more at

Culture shock and reverse culture shock at

There are many guidelines for safety and security while traveling abroad.  See important guidelines at  A comprehensive list of safety
precautions appear at and a handy one
appears at

Often people take risks when they find themselves away from familiar environments.  Please think safely.  
We purposely assume that you will act as a responsible adult and will protect yourself to the best of your
ability.  Please do not place yourself at risk unnecessarily.  As in any other place in the world there are risks
in town that include robberies, assaults, HIV/Aids, alcoholism, rapes, drug addiction and violence.  We
prefer that you act wisely and safely.  Safety starts with you.  More during your in-site orientation.
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