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Volunteer Central, Financial Disclosure
Financial Disclosure for Volunteer Service

The following disclosure is made by us in regard to the cost of your volunteer service.   We are
thankful for your willingness to work in our community and to use the Foundation to channel your
energy and good will.

There are two types of volunteers, those who live in Las Terrenas or come to the area on vacation
and want to volunteer some hours.  There are no fees or charges for this group and we are thankful
for any service time provided by such individuals.    

The other type of volunteers are those who come for specific programs with the Foundation,
generally stay in the volunteer house, Casa Paz, or come to work exclusively with us.  The following
applies to the latter group and may also appear in other sections of this Website such as on the
application form:


There are three aspects to volunteer finances:

a) personal expenses,
b) lodging expenses, and
c) participation fee.

a) Personal Expenses

Volunteers are responsible for expenses such as airfare, local transportation, meals, health and
insurance, excursions and related expenses.

b) Lodging

All lodging expenses are the responsibility of the volunteers.  We invite you to consider using the
Casa Paz, which costs significantly less than comparable hotel rooms and apartments
in town.  The facility operates on the basis of shared rooms with shared baths.  There are no single
occupancy rooms available, but if the house is not full volunteers could be placed in single rooms
upon request.  To encourage couples to volunteer and depending on demand, they may pay only half
the individual fees for housing (two for one).  Costs for Casa Paz are:
  $10/day if staying up to 14 days.
  $9/day if staying up to 30 days.
  $8/day if staying up to 60 days.
  $7/day if staying 61 days or more.
  Payments must be received
PRIOR TO your arrival.  Thank You!

c) Participation Fees

Please read disclaimer here.
The participation fee is as follows:
  • for 14 days or less, US$150.00.
  • for 15 days or more, US$250.00.
  • Starting January 1, 2013, returning volunteers staying in Casa Paz for any length of time pay only a
    flat fee of US$50 as participation fee.
  • starting January 1, 2013, married couples and/or families pay only a single participation fee even if
    both or more members of the family participate as volunteers.  This is done to encourage couples
    and families to participate.   Financial Orientation

In addition to the above, the following information may be useful to you:

Local Transport
Transport in mototaxi is readily available but it's risky.  The cost almost US$1 a ride around town.  
Most volunteers have simply walk to the library, our center of activities, the longest distance within
town being about a mile.  

Local Banking
There are six banks in town, all of them offer accounts in dominican pesos or in dollars.  There are
minimum amounts required.  They all have ATMs and you can draw money in pesos from your
accounts in the U.S. or in Europe.  There's also Western Union in town, so money can be sent that
way but their fees are very high.  The current exchange rate (Jan 2013) is US$1 = RD$40, so you get
40 dominican pesos for every dollar.  You can also open a checking account, or a savings account,
with your passport.  Check your bank policies as there may be substantially fees if using the ATM
cards from your bank.

You can buy a typical Dominican meal for about US$4-5, depending on what you want and whether
accompanied by a drink (juice, water) or not.  Local food in restaurants is expensive compared to the
rest of the country (we are in a remote place and there are many foreign residents and tourists), but
you will find plenty of tropical foods, fruits and vegetables.  A local "European" supermarket sells
French goods as well and there are 12 other supermarkets in various areas.  Casa Paz has a fully
equipped kitchen and your LPG gas is included in the rent.  Bottled water in 5-gallon jars are
available for purchase nearby for RD$40-45 or about US$1.15.  Use bottled water for drinking and
cooking.  You may spend a total of US$5-15 for food a day, depending on how you eat, but you'll know
better after your first week here.

Medical expenses
Volunteers are responsible for all medical expenses and for optional health/medical insurance
which should include medical evacuation and any other needed coverage to send you home in the
event of illness or death.  There's a local public hospital with limited emergency and medical
services.  A new private small medical center has opened a block away from Casa Paz, with
emergency services and there are other physicians in town.  

Local Transport
Transport in mototaxi is readily available but it's risky.  The cost almost US$1 a ride around town.  
Most volunteers have simply walk to the library, our center of activities, the longest distance within
town being about a mile.  

Our Foundation
Fundación Mahatma Gandhi (FMG) is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the
Dominican Republic as of 2012 (though it started in 2005).  At the present time FMG is a volunteer-
driven organization, the exception being Proyecto Esperanza (our literacy project) which recently is
receiving funding from external sources and Proyecto Reverde (environmental education) which
recently received funding from external sources.  Nobody receives a salary, or benefits, or perks.  
Overhead expenses and the running of most programs depend on in-kind donations.  100% of
volunteer fees are used to cover operational costs (maintenance, housekeeping, expendable
materials, electricity, etc.) and donations from volunteers or anybody else are used completely in the
Foundation's programs.  You you are willing to donate or if you know someone who could please go
The Foundation