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Mahatma Gandhi
Volunteer Central, Casa Paz, Volunteer House
Casa Paz--Volunteer House

Casa Paz is a housing alternative for female volunteers that want a location that is safe, clean and with
basic facilities.  

In general there's a low, middle and high season in Las Terrenas, prices per room may vary from $15 to
$100 a day.  Some places rent rooms or apartments for much less, but usually US$300-350 a month.

For the comfort and security of all volunteers, Casa Paz is a non-smoking, drug-free & pet-free facility that
operates ideally for people who are willing to work in creating community, while their bare lodging
necessities are taken care of and who are also willing to enrich each other as they pursue service in the
larger community.  For the most part, Casa Paz is limited to female volunteers only, for their security non-
residents, male or female, are not allowed.

Overall Description (photos here)
Casa Paz has three bedrooms, two standard rooms (9’x9’) with a bunk bed for two people each and a
shared bathroom, and a
suite room (12’x12’) with bunk beds with private bath for 3-4 people.  There’s a fully-
equipped kitchen and living area, as well as a terrace.  The house is located about 350 yards/meters from
the beach, a -block from the main road, a 20-25-minute walk to the Foundation’s library, and around the
corner or a 5-minute walk to a call-center and internet cafe.  All windows have screens for mosquito
protection but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own personal mosquito repellent and/or protection.  
Mosquito nets for beds are provided as well. There's a sink in the backyard for doing laundry.

The house is secured with multiple locks, iron bars in windows and door, water is provided from rain or a
well and the electricity works on 110 volts, similar to the U.S.  Drinking water can be bought in large 5-gallon
containers at your own expense (about $1.25 each).  Kerosene lamps are available for the rare occasions
when the power may be out.  Fans are provided in all rooms.

If you are particularly sensitive to noise it is good to know that there are roosters, dogs that bark and babies
that cry in the neighborhood.  Noisy motorcycles or vehicles playing loud music may pass by nearby streets.  
In general the town is noisy regardless of time of day.  The house is not noise-proof.  For your comfort, the
roof is higher compared to standard housing in the country but it's made of tin metal which can be hot
during the day and noisy on rainy days.  The terrace offers a nice shade and the beach is not far away, but
please think about yourself in a place where levels of noise, heat and humidity could make you
uncomfortable.  There are some critters as well, like lizards, spiders, some ants and an occasional
cockroach (inevitable in the tropics!).  It’s all part of the experience but please balance your expectations
accordingly.  Also, you may not be a "tidy" person but for the comfort of everyone else in the house please try
to be.  Besides, uncleanliness will attract pests!

Address and Street directions
The street address for Casa Paz is:

Calle Salomé Ureña # 7-B
Las Terrenas, Provincia Samaná
Dominican Republic

The house is located on Calle Salomé Ureña, off Calle Principal (Calle Duarte), one long block from the
beach and the town's cemetery.  Going down/north on calle principal towards the beach, stop at, then turn
right, immediately after Plaza Milano (in front of former Banco León), walk on the side road, pass the Tricom
telephone antenna to the left, find the third house on the left where there's a link-fence gate with the sign
"Casa Paz" on it.  

Reserve your room on the volunteer application form here where payment instructions are also provided.  All
rooms are only shared rooms.  Casa Paz has double rooms with shared bath:
$10/day if staying up to 14 days.
$9/day if staying up to 30 days.
$8/day if staying up to 60 days.
$7/day if staying 61 days or more.
A deposit of US$100 must be received
PRIOR TO your arrival and full payment is due at the end of your term
or the month, whichever occurs first.  
Thank You!

What’s included in your rent:
  • A room as specified above, with a single, bunk or full-size bed for your use, a medium size closet with
    hangers and some shelves.
  • Two sheets for your bed, one towel (fresh ones are provided once a week) though you’re encouraged to
    bring your own and a pillow.  You could bring your own and opt to donate them for future use by other
  • Use of kitchen, including stove (and gas), refrigerator, silverware, glassware, cooking utensils, shelving
    space for storage of food, dining table and chair.  Other appliances may be available.
  • Use of bathroom with toilet and shower (no hot water yet), a sink, mirror and shelves.
  • Sheets and towels are picked up once a week for washing (daily garbage disposal is your responsibility
    at a street dump nearby) but you're responsible for keeping your own room clean.
  • Outside laundry sink with a laundry line for air drying.  Please help us save water, don't waste it.
  • In order to keep housing costs down you are also free to bring appliances or supplies for the volunteer
    house (twin and full-size sheets, towels, pillows, cooking utensils and appliances, board games, lamps,
    etc.), but this is not a requirement and do so only by choice.  Duplicate or excess donations for the
    volunteer house will be given to people in the community.
  • We may have a cell phone available for use in the house, but volunteers must purchase a calling card in
    order to use it.  If you have a spare or old cell-phone you may bring it with you and activate it locally.  The
    cost for activation is about US$20 and it would allow you to use locally-purchased calling cards.  The
    activated phone will receive a local phone number with area code 809 or 829, suitable for placing and
    receiving calls to/from the U.S. and anywhere else in the world.  If you have an old but workable cell
    phone (with battery charger) and could donate it to the Foundation we could make them available to other
    volunteers after your departure.

What's not included in your rent:
  • toiletries, toilet paper, hot water (sorry!), laundry detergent, washing machine.
  • drinking/bottled water.
  • your own room cleaning.
  • foods, seasoning, cooking oil, etc.
  • a pillow.
  • internet access or telephone.

Reservations and Cancellations
Please indicate your interest in Casa Paz when completing the application form here.  Space is assigned
on a first-come first-served basis depending on the date when your deposit of $100 is received.  Please pay
the total of your stay upon arrival if you haven't done so beforehand.

Cancellation policy:  if you cancel 30 days or more from your arrival date you'll be refunded 100% of your
housing deposit and of your program fee minus PayPal and/or bank fees (when applicable).  If you cancel
within 30 days of the arrival date you lose all of your housing deposit and $50 of your participation fee.

Moving Out of Casa Paz
Volunteers have expectations and lifestyles different from the others and living "in community" means
different things to different people.  Some like the companionship and "dormitory" environment while others
prefer to be able to have a different social life with other people.  Knowing that it is important for volunteers to
have a pleasant stay we do not feel that they must be obligated to stay in Casa Paz if the rules and
regulations that apply to guarantee the safety and security of boarders are not acceptable to them.  For
instance, we do not allow non-boarders or men inside Casa Paz except under exceptional conditions.

Volunteers that come for a term longer than a month have a window of two weeks after arrival to decide if
they want to stay in Casa Paz or not.  If they decide to leave before the two weeks they must still pay the two
weeks rental.

Staying in Casa Paz is a privilege, not a right.  Casa Paz was built to provide a safe, clean, inexpensive
location and to ease adjustment into an unfamiliar place, particularly in the presence of other volunteers.  
Casa Paz is private property not owned by the Foundation, please help us preserve it and thereby keep
expenses low.  

We thank you in advance for helping us keep Casa Paz a livable, joyful and positive place to live for