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Volunteer Central, Risks and Liability
Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability and Insurance

What are the current safety and health conditions in the Dominican Republic?
Like in most places there are bound to be issues of concern.  You may consult any of the following
websites and you may also write us about specific questions.  Please be aware that the following sites, by
their very nature, then to be more conservative, even to the extreme, than what local conditions might
actually be and not all descriptions may apply to Las Terrenas:

U.S. Department of State at
Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom at
Canadian Consular Affairs at

What about health and travel insurance?
You are responsible for all health and travel insurance.  There are private clinical facilities in town in
addition to a public hospital.  There are ambulances and emergency services 24/7.  Larger cities such as
Nagua (an hour away) and the capital of Santo Domingo Santo Domingo (2.5 hrs. away) have many other
medical facilities.  There's a local chapter of the Red Cross with an ambulance.  

If you have extreme medical conditions that require extreme care or if you are at risk because of any medical
condition (i.e., cancer, recurrent asthma, kidney-related conditions, extreme allergies, etc.) we do NOT
advice volunteer service in Las Terrenas as we will not be able to provide you adequate support.   In
addition to the more common traveller's sicknesses, other common gastrointestinal illnesses are common
depending on your ability to adjust to water and food-borne parasites and bacteria (such as amaeba).  
Please consult with your physician before moving to a tropical location such as our.  We're sad to say that
there are now reported cases of dengue in Las Terrenas.

We trust your ability to make adult decisions on your own about risks and, for your own safety and security
we encourage you to have proper health/medical insurance at all times as the Foundation is unable to
provide these for you.
Any travel comes with certain risks, and travel to Las Terrenas and to the Dominican Republic is no
different. Of course, all reasonable precautions will be made to prevent any dangers. If at any time a
volunteer feels that he or she is not comfortable with any given activity, he or she may freely abstain.

Travel to different countries mean that conditions will vary - - sometimes quite reasons are some of the
primary reasons volunteers are drawn to activities such as ours, but can also be the basis for possible
risks. For example, the condition of roads, infrastructure (such as phone lines, water lines, etc) and hygiene
conditions, are likely to differ from, and often be considered inferior to, those found in the volunteers' home.
In addition, the Fundación Mahatma Gandhi cannot be held responsible for forces of God, war, public
transportation, level of medical service, availability of medical treatment and medical personnel, political
stability, and the like.

The volunteers should also be aware that environmental conditions may provide certain challenges to
some. For example, you may be allergic to local pollen, trees or animals.  For those with sensitivity to high
levels of humidity, heat or moldy conditions may be very uncomfortable.  Like many small towns in the
country, Las Terrenas can be noisier and more polluted than you would have expected.

If you choose to participate in this program with the Fundación Mahatma Gandhi. you'll understand that the
Fundación Mahatma Gandhi and its volunteers assume no liability for any personal harm or illness or for
loss or damage of any property that may come while serving as a volunteer, and that you, your heirs, and
your personal representatives and assigns, hereby absolve the Fundación Mahatma Gandhi, its staff, and
volunteers and hold them harmless from any claim or demand that you, your heirs, your personal
representatives or assigns might conceivably assert for any such harm, illness, loss or damage. You agree
to be legally bound by this statement.